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Analytics, Reporting and Business Intelligence
We offer consulting, support, training and solutions from entry-level reporting packages to enterprise decision-making systems.

Data Marts and Warehousing
Enterprise architects need tools for constructing better decision-making systems in the mixed-vendor data warehousing environments with increased reliance on standards-based technologies and outsourced services. W provide support and solutions for the critical processes of auditing and analyzing IT data trails. Increasingly, many business decisions turn on the issue of what the original data record said, when they said it, and who knew it or might have done something to change it. Our solutions make it possible for an investigator to capture and integrated record with high assurance that it is an altered snapshot of the historical record. Our solutions span multiple storage devices and units of removable media - and allow an administrator or investigator to navigate records using different relevant criteria. Call us for more information on our Analytics and Decision Making systems, including scalable data warehousing solutions.

Digital Beach
Professional Services and Internet Consulting