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Application Development & Custom Solution Services
We distinguish web design (which is more about layout, presentation and navigation) from development services (which is about custom coding for business rules and function).  Our in-house developers and subcontractors provide world-class domain expertise and delivery capability for all major coding languages, platforms and environments:

   ▪ Support for Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, XML, WAP, SOAP, VB Script, Java, Java Script

   ▪ Multimedia Support including Real Audio, Flash and Shockwave

   ▪ Comprehensive Database and Data Warehouse Support

   ▪ Upgrade and Integrate Legacy Applications with New Technologies

   ▪ Support for Data Management and Service Continuity

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Web Development
Our Development Services are both an extension of our Design Services and are designed to be delivered independently for custom or stand-alone projects We specialize in finding off-the-shelf solutions with open-source code that can fit your needs with minimal customization. Additionally, we support customizations from large to small, with a focus on application front-ends, multi-tiered architecture and integration with back-end legacy systems.
Modern and Legacy Systems
We continue to see clients looking for integration solutions to legacy systems, as well as those that are looking to integrate new technologies with their existing infrastructure. We have deep experience in both technical integration and project management for production systems and application of all shapes and sizes, across all major platforms and environments. Call us for more information on custom development and integration solutions.
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