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Digital Ecommerce
Our ecommerce services are comprehensive, incorporating all aspects of site design and shopping cart integration to seo optimizations and marketing.  Specific services include:

   ▪ Shopping Cart Integration

   ▪ Shopping Cart Customization

   ▪ Integration Services

   ▪ Cart Upgrade/Migration Services

   ▪ Site Makeovers

   ▪ Marketplace Data Feed and Product Management Services

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Shopping Carts
We support all major shopping carts from entry to enterprise. Our choice of carts depends on your immediate and long-term needs for function and maintenance. We offer a variety of support plans from setup to training and full outsourcing, leased and licensed solutions, advanced cart, customer management and search features. We offer support for templates and skins, out-of-the box and custom reporting, as well as support for nearly all payment and shipping gateways.
We support a wide range of cart add-ons and integrated applications, from content management systems to chat services and backend order management and accounting systems. Finally we offer a range of marketing services including data feeds to the major Marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Froogle, BizRate and more. We also offer a wide range of design services to showcase your ecommerce site's unique value proposition. Click Here for design samples..
Dynamic Sites
Today a simple shopping cart with out-of-the box features are often not enough - even for small ecommerce merchants. We support a wide range of cart add-ons and integrated applications from content management systems to chat. Most of these applications and customizations are data driven, capturing customer feedback and delivering content to a database in real-time. We support a variety of customizations, including sales wizards and integration of dynamic forms to your site. We specialize in a phased approach, where we grow the capability of your site in stages, according to your needs, budget and strategic plan.
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