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Search Engine Optimization (seo) and Marketing (sem) Services
  SEO is one component of Internet Marketing, which can be thought of as a component of broader marketing activities (encompassing both online (new) and traditional (old) marketing methods) - ideally marketing can be thought of as a component of a larger business strategy that grows out of your businesses unique value proposition.  Taking this perspective, SEO is part of a larger picture of your business development and marketing plan.
SEO may be best thought of as building out your website content (essentially all the text elements of your site, including product descriptions and ad copy) to include the keyword phrases that are commonly searched by potential customers on the major search engines.  The purpose of including optimized keyword content on your site is to gain ranking in search engine searches, and ultimately drive traffic to your site.  All other things being equal, an increase in this targeted traffic results in qualified leads and ultimately translates into sales and your bottom line.
Unfortunately, the business environment today is full of a great deal of misinformation and snake-oil salesmen, and it is difficult for a typical merchant to know which methods and approaches will work best, and produce the best short- and long-term return on investment.
Fortunately, SEO industry best practices are well understood, have a proven track record, and are far cheaper than both traditional marketing methods (including yellow pages and print advertising) - and in many cases cheaper than other Internet marketing techniques, such as pay-per-click and email campaigns.
Digital Beach SEO services include:

   ▪ Competitive marketing research and reporting
   ▪ Keyword analysis and list generation
   ▪ Development and rollout of keyword-optimized site content
   ▪ Automated tools for extending site content
   ▪ Reporting and management
   ▪ Section 508 compatibility and U.S. and European accessibility best practices
   ▪ Multi-language best practices and implementation support  

Digital Beach Internet marketing services include:

   ▪ Pay-per-click campaign management
   ▪ Pay-per-play and pay-for-inclusion services
   ▪ Email campaigns
   ▪ Link popularity campaigns
   ▪ Trusted merchant feeds tools and management
   ▪ RSS (news) feed management
   ▪ Blog setup and management
   ▪ Localization and personalization best practices and campaign support
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